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Rustic Bridesmaid Bouquet

The “forever flowers” offered at the NovelExpression Etsy shop are crafted from wood, but look just like the real thing! Unique and beautiful, these handmade bouquets are popular choices for weddings and other special events. Also, many customers buy these wooden flower arrangements to use as centerpieces on their dining room tables.

NovelExpression is based in central Florida and this Etsy shop gets superb reviews. It’s an established shop with a loyal following. Today, we’d like to share more information about the handcrafted wooden flowers that this shop is known for!

Find Gorgeous “Forever Flowers” at the NovelExpression Etsy Shop

Go Beyond the Bloom

Real flowers are wonderful. However, they don’t last long. This is why investing in wooden flowers from Novel Expressions makes so much sense. When you choose to patronize this popular Etsy boutique, you’ll be able to order a custom bouquet of wooden flowers for a truly unique arrangement. These wooden bouquets are amazingly delicate in appearance, yet strong enough to last for a lifetime.

According to the NovelExpression team, their flowers are often purchased as birthday gifts or as presents for other special occasions. As well, they are popular choices as wedding bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets and wedding decor. Anytime that you wish to send flowers is the right time to give wooden flowers instead. They are so different. They offer the beauty of flowers, without the wilt! Also, they look gorgeous in or out of vases. There are many creative ways to display them at home.

To complement the NovelExpression collection of wooden flower bouquets, this Etsy provider company also offers some exciting extras, including Mason Jar vases in pale neutrals, such as light gray, white and beige, and boot cuffs with flower adornments (perfect for brides who want to wear cowboy boots with their wedding dresses!).

NovelExpression often caters to those who are planning country weddings or weddings with a rustic vibe. What’s great about their collection is its overall affordability. These bouquets are reasonably-priced, especially in light of their quality and craftsmanship. When you consider that these wooden blossoms go beyond the bloom and last forever, they offer superlative value. Many palettes are available, from cool pastels to intense jewel tones to autumnal hues. It’s possible to get custom flowers in your favorite tones, or flowers which match the palette of your wedding decor to perfection.

Do You Need Wedding Flowers?

If you’re looking for wedding flowers, you should know that NovelExpression offers a range of collections. Check out the collection that matches the theme of your wedding in order to find wooden flowers which are a perfect match. Current collections are Farmhouse Flourish, Rustic Charm Weddings, Shabby Chic Weddings, Garden Woodland Weddings, Timeless Vintage Weddings and Classic Weddings.

This Etsy boutique is bigger than most. It has a team of artisans, rather than just one. In fact, it has a staff member who is there to help people who want flowers for upcoming weddings. Clearly, this shop is delivering quality to its customers. Judging by reviews, many clients adore the bouquets that they receive. These flowers look so real. They come in a rainbow-riot of colors and their details are expertly carved. They are really different and lots of clients who buy the flowers for their weddings absolutely love being able to keep their wedding flowers for a lifetime.

If you want “forever flowers” which are made with love, by gifted artisans, be sure to drop by the NovelExpression Etsy shop today. It’s a great place to find exquisite flowers which will never wilt and die. This shop has been in business since 2015. Aside from the products that we’ve already talked about, this Etsy company also offers boutonierres, wrist corsages and vintage-style hairbands.

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