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One-Of-A-Kind Abstract & Impressionist Oil Paintings by The Oilery

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What makes abstract and impressionist oil paintings work? Well, we can look at the brush stroke quality, the careful use of color, and examine the composition as a whole.

In the end however there is something about abstract and impressionist works that tend to transcend simple critiques. Baffling the established art world for more than a century, talented individuals continue to produce works that speak to some deeper quality regarding what it means to be human. This is what comes to mind when examining the work done by The Oilery.

The Oilery provides one-of-a-kind abstract & impressionist oil paintings. Specializing in deeper melodic shades of blue and gray, the work available for purchase ranges from recognizable shapes on the verge of breaking out from abstraction to those experimentation with colors and shapes that tend to leave us wanting to stare at them for longer. Created with care and diligence, each speaks independent of the other works, forming a final work that somehow manages to be greater than the sum of their own parts. In doing so, the work transcends the ordinary and finds it onto our shop review for the amazing and beautiful paintings provided.

Reasonably priced, The Oilery is a great chance for you to pick up an original abstract or impressionist piece for a fraction of what you may pay elsewhere. Owner of the shop Sara Howes is always working on new pieces to add to the shop as she gradually builds her business and reputation within the art community. For now, what she currently has on display shows a great deal of potential and should definitely be considered by you if you are currently in the market and enjoy the cooler temperatures created from her blue, violet, and blended work.

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