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VersaTILE by Cristina is a mosaic tiles jewelry shop on Etsy. Stylized as VersaTilebyCristina, the shop sells different types of jewelry, especially pendants and rings. You may also explore boxes, wall art, trays, crosses, picture frames and other accessories. Cristina Pereira is a jewelry designer and artist based in New York. She launched the store in 2018 and has been receiving rave reviews from buyers.

VersaTILEbyCristina – Etsy Shop Overview

VersaTILEbyCristina has an inventory of over a hundred items for sale. There are various types of mosaic necklace pendants, over fifty of them. You can check out handcrafted mosaic tile wooden boxes and around ten types of mosaic tile wall décor. There are around a dozen unique mosaic tile rings, distinct mosaic picture frames, exquisite mosaic tile trays and boldly designed mosaic tile wood crosses. The shop facilitates expedited shipping. Shoppers can pay using Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits among others.

Cristina Pereira specializes in mosaic tiles but is also deft in working with wood, silver and metal. She often uses refurbished metal, which is more eco friendly. One of the noteworthy attributes of the designer is the ability to create distinct pieces of jewelry, décor and art. Almost all the items on sale are handcrafted. There is a certain degree of finesse you will find in handcrafted jewelry that is simply unmatched in mass produced pieces, be it rings or pendants. The necklaces at Versa TILE are subtle but with extensive attention to detail. The jewelries go well with formalwear and they are perfect for casual settings as well. They are neither too loud due to the use of sophisticated hues and yet they are head turners due to the sheer aesthetic brilliance.

Most buyers who have had their hands on the items purchased agree that the images on the store do not fully reflect the awesomeness of the products. Mosaic tiles can often be generic but the manners in which Pereira designs and incorporates varying elements in a particular product make the item truly remarkable. The exquisiteness and subtle exuberance of the items can only be realized and appreciated when one actually gets to see them physically and pay close heed to the details. All products listed on the Etsy shop of Cristina Pereira are thoughtfully made. There is not one piece of art, jewelry or décor item that has been made for the purpose of expanding the inventory.

Cristina Pereira makes an appropriate use of wood, glass mosaic tiles, silver and refurbished metal without going overboard or settling for a limiting appeal.

The handcrafted mosaic necklace pendant plated with sterling silver is a stunner. The use of glass mosaic tiles in the wooden trays shows the expertise of the designer. The quality of construction, the finished texture, the elegant look and feel, the originality and the beautiful variations, whether the choice of antique bronze or genuine wood base, more than justify the prices.


VersaTILEbyCristina is a largely reasonable store. You can buy a handcrafted silver necklace pendant with blue crystal mosaic tiles or blue mother of pearl for twenty dollars, one with blue and white ceramic mosaic tiles for forty five dollars or a repurposed metal picture frame with mosaic tiles for fifty dollars. Most products are priced below or around thirty dollars. In addition to being a great purchase for personal use, most items are more than appropriate as gifts. The gifts are bound to be valuable and shall be much appreciated by family, friends and others, especially given the fact they are handcrafted and due to the sheer beauty of the pieces.

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