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Ways to Promote your Etsy Store this Holiday Season

Promote Etsy shop for the upcoming holidays

As the holiday’s quickly approach, Etsy store owners shouldn’t delay promoting their site and products because this is the perfect time of the year to attract new customers and bring in massive profits at the same time. Etsy store owners have a plethora of promotion options, many of which are low-cost or completely free of charge.

How to promote Etsy shop for the upcoming holidays.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram make promoting your Etsy store simple and almost-free. Creating pages specifically for your brand is one option for product promotion, but there’s more! You’re connected to all the people closest to you on these sites. In addition to gaining business from these people, they’ll likely be more than happy to share your products and store information. You can even open your own Etsy store pages on social media to promote your page and generate interest.

Ask for a Blogger’s Help

Right now, if you have a blogger friend, you’re in luck. But don’t worry if you don’t because many blog- exchange programs are available to promote your Etsy store. When a pro-blogger promotes specific products within your store, it shines a special light on your store that is sure to bring special attention your way.

Old-School Advertising

Old-school advertising still works, despite the ample technology in the world. Many people don’t use the Internet or have a smartphone, but you still must reach out to these people. Partake in a bit of old-school advertising, utilizing resources such as the newspaper, shopper tabloid papers (think Pennysaver,) and magazines for promotion and sales of your product.

Create a Mailing List

When someone places an order from you, ask if they’d like to be placed on your mailing list. For those who opt-in for the list, great specials and offers sent to the person’s home or email address is a nice way to say thanks. When the holiday season is in full swing, reach out to these individuals with products of interest and special offers.

Etsy Store Videos

Everyone uses YouTube these days. Post a video of your Etsy store items on the site and promote the video with the use of SEO and via other social media outlets. Create a short video, under three-minutes if possible, and ensure that it is fun, interesting, and of value to the watcher. Be sure that your video includes a call-to-action (refer the watcher to your Etsy store) and a link to the site.

Wear your Work

Etsy store owners selling jewelry and wearable products shouldn’t miss the opportunity to wear their products wherever they go. People who see you out and about at various locations (supermarket, cleaners, public library, college, etc.) who admire your pieces are likely going to inquire of where it was purchased. It’s nice to send them back to your store to get their own.

Business Cards & Flyers

Many businesses have a board just outside of the entrance for customers to post their business cards and flyers. Check supermarkets, the local public library, and even local mom-and-pop restaurants to find out if you can leave these promotional goodies plastered for others to see.

Etsy Home Party

Who isn’t game for a fun party? Put your thinking cap on and create a themed party that is both fun and exciting and promotes and sells your goods. Home parties have been popular for some time now and with such an endless selection of ideas, you can’t go wrong! Invite everyone that you know to the party, and ask they refer someone else or bring a friend, whom, of course RSVPs so you can plan accordingly.

Craft Fairs / Trade Shows / Church Bazaars

Renting a booth at these local events is inexpensive, fun, and profitable! You’ll be able to reach out to new customers, showcase your goodies and of course offer them for sell, too.

Final Thoughts

Choose one or more of the above marketing methods for your Etsy store this holiday season, and building a successful and profitable store is simple! Why not gain the upper-hand when it’s time for the profits to roll?

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