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Tips for Creating an Etsy Shop Name

Etsy Shop Name Ideas and Tips

If popular sellers on Etsy are to be believed, then there is more to the Etsy shop name than what you’d like to believe. Take any popular Etsy store and you’d be greeted with a name that’s catchy, easy to remember and most importantly, small. Here are a few Etsy Shop name examples. Miniature Sweets, Gold Swan, Dime Store Emporium, Yummy Treasures and Bohemian Findings.

These are some of the top 10 Etsy shops in terms of sales volumes in 2015 too. There’s nothing common in the type of merchandise they sell. But take a look at their creative Etsy Shop names and you will start to understand the importance of good branding on Etsy.

Don’t get us wrong. A good name alone won’t guarantee you success on the platform. But it instantly creates a recall value for your product.

The chances of a customer remembering that they bought the delicious candy from ‘Miniature Sweets’ are a lot higher than them remembering a more generic store name, like ‘Bob’s Candy Store’.

Ok, so you know the importance of a good Etsy shop name. But how do you come up with one?

What if you draw a blank slate? Do you need to hire a professional to come up with creative Etsy Shop names for your brand?

Not really. This guide is written to help you come up with a decent Etsy shop name for yourself.

Tips for Creating an Etsy Shop Name

Creating an Etsy shop name

Start Brainstorming

There are ample sources for you to draw inspiration from while brainstorming for your Etsy shop name. The simplest and most obvious resource is Etsy itself. Look for other businesses that are similar to yours and are successful on Etsy. How have they named their store? Look for names that are easy to remember.

One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas is to find words that can be associated to your business model. Now think of words which can be associated with each one of those words. You should end up with at least three to four words. Club them to form names. Also, you’d want to search if those names are available to use.

If a name is registered on Etsy, then it is gone forever. Even if the person changes the shop name later on, the older one will not be available ever.

  • Descriptive Names: The above mentioned name ‘Miniature Sweets’ is a prime example of a successful descriptive Etsy shop name. It is evident from the name what the sellers want to convey. In ‘Miniature’, they have used a word that they feel expresses the brand message in the best possible way.

There are umpteen such possibilities that can be used to come up with a good brand name. Some other examples are Delirium Décor, Bohemian Findings and Yadana Beads.

Using suggestive words is a proven formula that works. If you wish the brand to evoke a feeling of uniqueness, find words that best go with that. On the other hand, if you want the brand to evoke a vibe of freshness, choose words that depict just that. Descriptive names are the perfect way to put express and explore your own creativity.

The only drawback to this kind of name is that if you wish to expand to other products in future, it may not quite blend with the name. For example, if Miniature Sweets wants to sell T-Shirts, god help them.

  • Abstract Names: Abstract names are easier to come up with because they need not be related to your business model at all. Look for names or terms in foreign languages, mythology, culture and art. If you do not find anything, you can club two names to come up with a catchy word. There are Etsy shops where both partners have clubbed their last names and come up with a one-word name that ticks all the right places. It is easy to recall, small and catchy.
  • Your own name: Having an eponymous shop name is an option that is under explored on Etsy. It is however, a very effective option for someone who would like to constantly explore different categories of products in their shop as business expands. In fact, one of the top ten Etsy shops of 2015 is named ‘Nicole De Bruin’. Guess what they sell? Custom engraved tags and special charms.
  • Using your existing business name: If you already have an established business, then why change the name on Etsy? You can use the same name and if it is not available for registration, then you can modify it slightly. For example, add the word ‘Studio’ or ‘Design’ to your business name.

Ensuring that your shop name works

Like we said before, the first thing to do after coming up with a good shop name is to check whether it is available for registration on Etsy. This can only be done when you are creating the shop. Click on the button that says, ‘Check Availability’.

You may also want to do a quick Google search to see if some other business is using the same name as yours and turns up in search results. That’s one of the ways in which potential customers will search for your business. So, you’d want to avoid anything that causes confusion.

Using Craft Shop names generator

There are many websites which provide you with automatic craft shop name generators which can be used to come up with creative esty shop names. These generators usually require you to suggest a theme or enter your username, based on which, it will come up with possible suggestions for you. While it is not as effective as brainstorming for names, it is a completely automated process where you do not have to do the thinking. So, if you wanted the brand name selection process to be as hands off as possible, then this is the best choice for you.

Here’s a few Etsy shop name generators for example:

  • SpinXO Etsy Names – Simple name generator. It requires you to put a few words and you can spin them in to random Etsy names. Very easy to use and could be helpful. On this website you can also find  other generators for Instagram, Twitter and other names.
  • Shopify Craft Name Generator – This is a business name generator from Shopify. With this tool you need enter a 1 or 2 keywords and in a second you got thousands variations of business names. This tool also checks if there’s an available .com domain for each name.
  • Hipster Business Name Generator – Funny thing. As the title says it will generate you a hipster brand name with logo.
  • Jewelry Name Generator – This isn’t actually a shop name generator, but this tool can be sometimes useful for Etsy jewelry sellers.

To sum it up, spend some time, do your research and come up with a name that sticks. It may not seem easy at first. But the exercise will be completely worth it a few months down the line when you turn into an established brand on Etsy.

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