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Pop Surrealist Illustrations + Wearable Art by LostColoursArt

Set of 6 Gothic Fruit Art Stickers

If you are a big fan of the animation style used by Tim Burton in The Nightmare Before Christmas, you are going to absolutely love everything that the LostColoursArt shop brings to the table.

Each and every one of these completely unique, completely custom, and limited edition illustrations and wearable pieces of art have been handcrafted and hand illustrated by an up and coming young artist currently taking a gap year (or two) and traveling the world. Each and every one of these pieces showcases a unique and completely original character. These pieces breathe life into each and every one of these characters and their personality, so much so that you are going to be immediately captivated by everything that they bring to the table. Seriously, it’s been a long time since we have seen anything this spooky and this fun, and we love absolutely everything about it – and we think you will as well!

Many of the pieces available for sale in the LostColoursArt shop are going to be limited edition prints that you will be able to hang in your home, but a significant amount of the unique pieces are designed to be worn – either as part of a clothing collection or as jewelry. These lovable little Gothic characters are going to be with you each and every day, so much so that and because they have so much personality it won’t be long until you stop thinking about them as imaginary characters and instead start thinking of them as full three-dimensional parts of your life!

Original artwork by a fantastic artist

One of the biggest benefits to going with the LostColoursArt pieces is that they are the brainchild of one of the best young up and coming artists in the world, and they represent the creativity and imagination that this artist is able to bring to the table.

Collectible pieces will only appreciate in value

Because each and every one of these pieces are designed, illustrated, handcrafted by the original artist themselves in limited quantities, you can expect these pieces to appreciate in value. Combine that with the fact that they are relatively inexpensive right now (and will only see their value growl) and you are looking at something really special.

You’ll be supporting the dreams and passions of creative people everywhere

The beautiful thing about the Internet (and shops like the LostColoursArt outlet in specific) is that you’re able to connect personally with artists and individuals that you never would have had the opportunity to connect with previously. If you’re looking for something truly special, something incredibly unique, and something that you’ll be to cherish for your entire life, this is the place to look first!

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