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Things You Should Know About Etsy SEO in 2019

Etsy Seo Tips for 2019

Etsy is a web platform where people sell vintage, handmade, and craft items of high quality. The more traffic you attract, the more revenue you earn. It is not always possible to maintain the sales volume because the sales algorithm to retrieve information is different. It is this algorithm that helps you forecast sales and predict revenue for your product.

You have to be on the constant lookout for ways to retain traffic to your Etsy store. Your store should be compelling enough to drag customers from different platforms and convert them as your brand loyal customers.

But, when a prospective buyer starts his research on a particular product on Google, only those websites that are optimized well appears first in the results. The same rule applies to Etsy stores too! Those who sell products through Etsy should invest significant amount of time in optimizing their store to improve sales in 2019.

4 Things You Should Work on to Enhance Your Etsy SEO in 2019

Just as an adage goes “Well begun is half done,” a well-optimized Etsy store will help you build a strong customer base this year.

Is there anything you should know about Etsy SEO? Read on!

1. Personalization

It highlights the concept of #1 ranking in the Etsy platform. Etsy uses Artificial Intelligence to personalize the results for you. When you type in the product you are searching for; this website shows a variety of results for various users.

You may find a particular product on the 1st page, whereas, another person may see the same product on the 4th or 5th page. The reason is, when you search on the Etsy website, the website can read your IP address. It knows the preference of each customer and shows a product accordingly.

That is the reason why you can’t measure the success of own product on this platform. When you search for your product using a particular keyword, the website will not show up your products. It knows that you will be less interested in buying own product. Thus, assessing the success rate of your product is very difficult.

2. Long-Tail Keywords Are the Secret of Success

Secret of Etsy Longtail Keywords
If you want to become a prolific seller on Etsy platform, the long tail keyword is a hero.

It is a general rule that people use small keywords to search a product on the internet. Similarly, the buyers on Etsy type shorter keywords often while searching on the internet.

But, while they get closer to the exact product they want, they end up typing more extended keywords. This way, they can pick up the exact product they are looking for. For example, if you type Home decor, the search engine will take you through different websites selling these products. But when you narrow down your search to something like Xerographic air plants, the search shows you the exact product on the Etsy website.

Thus, long-tail keywords are the secret of success on the Etsy platform. The bigger the keyword, the higher the conversion rate. If the keyword is long, it will help the customers better understand what your product is. At the same time, the Etsy website will know the right product to show to the right customers.

3. Choose a Title That Is Short

When you sell products online, you should have a product title on which the customers click on to locate your product. Just like an image of your product boost sales, an attractive title improves sales, many folds.

It is always necessary to have a beautiful, short title to maximize your sales. It is a general rule that the title of your product should have a maximum character length of 140 letters to make it easy for the customers to understand.

But, Etsy tells a different story. Never use the entire character space because a majority of customers use mobile while searching. Mobile will not show all 140 characters, which further complicates the search process.

Why not try a small title that quickly takes the buyers through your product, and gets them to shop? If the title reflects the needs of the online shopper, he will buy the product. Never choose a long title for your product! A short title will help you improve your SEO ranking.

4. Competitive Shipping Prices

The traditional method of lowering rates in a competitive market applies here also. When there are 6 to 7 sellers in a market selling similar products, reducing the cost will attract more customers to your shop. Similarly, on the Etsy platform too, lowering the shipping price can attract more customers to your product.

Besides, reducing the shipping price will increase the conversion rate. When the shoppers find your shipping price attractive, they will approach you for buying the product.

If the price of your product is comparatively low, but the shipping cost is high, there is a high chance that the customers shift to another product that adds value to the money they pay. As a result, the conversion rate comes down, and it will affect the sales volume of your product.

Additional Etsy SEO Tips

  • Take advantage of the Etsy Search Bar. It’s a general search tool available right inside your Etsy platform. The good news is, this tool doesn’t cost you any fee. Just like Google offers various suggestions as you start typing, the Etsy search bar also provides several Keyword suggestions and variations. It could become your first source of keywords.
  • Make sure the product title is attractive, and SEO friendly too. The first 40 characters of this title are most important. Thus, make sure you use 1-2 general keywords and 1-2 long-tail keywords in these 40 characters.
  • Don’t assume the title and tags to be separate things. In other words, they should exactly match with each other.
  • If you want to increase your views (and sales, of course!), then you must repeat the use of popular keywords consistently.
  • Get Featured! Oh, wait! It doesn’t mean spreading spammy and irrelevant links all over the web. It could be a real-deal, Try to get your store featured on multiple quality blogs. Etsy will take note of it that you bring traffic to their site through numerous other sources. As a result, you might get higher search placement as a return gift from Etsy.

Wrapping Up!

In short, the Etsy website has undergone phenomenal change during 2019. The search algorithm has changed drastically that makes it difficult for sellers to gauge their product ranking on the Etsy website.

It is best to sell those products that have high demand to drag massive traffic for your product. Always remember to have short titles for your products, and lower the shipping cost to sell quickly. Use unique keywords and attract a few people. It is, then, easy to convert prospective buyers into brand loyal customers.

What do you think about Etsy SEO in 2019? Don’t forget to drop your novel thoughts in the comment section below.

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