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The Akron House Tea Co Etsy Shop

Akron House Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Find the Freshest Teas at The Akron House Tea Co Etsy Shop

If you want to experience the purest, freshest tea taste, you’ll adore the teas which are sold by The Akron House Tea Co Etsy Shop. This popular tea shop is run from a home in Akron, Ohio and it’s definitely an old school operation! The home where these teas are packaged is located in Pennsylvania Dutch country and it also does double duty as a B & B. Suffice it to say that this B & B’s lucky guests really enjoy the tea that they drink at meals.

Sample Pure and Natural Tea Blends

In terms of what you’ll find at this Web-based tea emporium, the sky is the limit. There are so many great teas to try, including Apple Jack, which is designed to taste just like apple pie which is straight out of the oven, and Apple Blossom, which is sweetened with chamomile flowers and a touch of cinnamon. Teas are beautifully packaged, too, in an old-fashioned way that is really pretty romantic and homespun.

Choose from bags of tea or small metal containers of tea. Whatever you choose, you’ll be accessing loose teas which are so fragrant and delicious. They are wonderful to look at, wonderful to smell and delightful to taste! Most tea blends are available for very reasonable prices, so you may just be tempted to choose a few each time that you order. Other flavours/blends to consider include Ginger Georgia Peach and White Strawberry Mint. This just scratches the surface…the best way to check out all of these amazing flavours is to visit the official Etsy shop today!

Natural teas are healthy and most have just a few calories per glass.

Since they are loaded with natural herbs, they definitely have holistic properties. As well, they are so relaxing to drink. Whether you enjoy tea alone or love brewing up aromatic pots of teas for your friends and loved ones, you’ll find that the Akron House Tea Co is a great place to find the perfect blends. Since it offers designer teas with exceptional purity for reasonable prices, it’s an Etsy shop which earns tons of five-star reviews from real-life customers.

As well, since these tea blends are packaged to look so pretty, they make gorgeous gift ideas for tea lovers. If you want to sample pure teas from Pennsylvania Dutch Country, this may just be the tea retailer that you’ve been waiting for. Each tea is made with love and care.

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