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If you’re into the Goth look and lifestyle, you’ll love the unconventional accessories that you find at GothChicAccessories. Each item is fully and proudly handmade in Italy. Today, we want to share information about GothChicAccessories and why it’s such a unique place to shop for treats for yourself. This Etsy shop is also a wonderful place to find thoughtful gifts for those who prefer an alternative and edgy look.

GothChicAccessories Is One of Etsy’s Most Unique Shops

This Shop Has a Great Reputation

Victorian Hand made Cufflinks

French Bulldog Cufflinks from GothChicAccessories

GothChicAccessories has been around since 2013. It’s an Etsy shop that customers trust. It has over a thousand perfect, five-star ratings and over five thousand items have been sold since it opened for business. When you choose these Gothic-inspired wares, which are crafted by a gifted and dedicated artisan in Milan, you will receive items which look striking. You’ll be dazzled by the craftsmanship of every single item that you buy!

Now that we’ve explained why this shop is a smart and safe pick, let’s talk about some highlights from the current inventory of handmade Italian items.

Boost Personal Style with Cool Accessories

This Etsy shop is a great place to shop for interesting and stylish cuff links and money clips. Cuff links are made by hand, just like everything else at this shop, and they come in some amazing styles, including a stellar pair of French Bulldog cuff links which are crafted from aged brass and resin! Other cull link styles to consider include Ebony Moustache styles which hearken back to the Silent Film era, Rocket Wood cuff links with a bit of Steampunk edge and Ant cuff links which feature real ants suspended in resin!

Money clips featured at GothChicAccessories feature stunning workmanship and fine materials. They are designed to be treasured for a lifetime. Choose a wooden money clip with a skull motif or go for a money clip with an inspiring, “vintage camera” motif. There are so many money clips to choose from and all of them have so much depth, richness and character!

Other handmade items of note (and these examples just scratch the surface) include tie clips, necklaces and resin skull replicas.

Why Not Drop By Today?

Now that you know more about GothChicAccessories and all that it has to offer, why not drop by and see the shop’s handmade items? Photos of available items are clear and crisp, so you’ll be able to enjoy every detail. Plus, these unique and fascinating items are priced competitively.

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