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A Review For The HereandThereShop – Custom designed maps for any occasion

When reviewing Etsy shops, we are often struck by the incredible creativity that we see from the community. Providing not only works that are beautiful and unique in their own right, we get to watch as people make a living from what they love to do. This came to mind when we began reviewing the shop ‘the HereandThereShop.’ Let’s take a moment to go into a little more detail why you should consider this shop the next time you are planning something special.

Mapping Our Lives, One Illustration At A Time

The Here & There Shop is designed to provide you with custom maps for a myriad of purposes.

Their product lines falls into the categories of wedding guest book maps, canvas maps, world maps, USA maps, Family/Friend gift maps, framed maps, state or country maps, and kid room maps. With at least a few options in every category, you can choose the map that is right for your event, even putting in a special request if you want something unique.

Items & Specifications

What helps to set The Here and There Shop apart is their quick turn around time.

Proofs typically have a turn around time of between 3-5 days, with maps being shipped out within 24 hours of you approving the final design. Depending upon the style and type of map requested, you will have several options to choose from in terms of materials and sizes. Many maps can be done on sizes ranging from 11×14 to 42×70. Textured, digitally colored, and carefully arranged, these maps are sure to delight every person who sees them. Prices can range from a dozen quid to upwards of 300-400 depending on the size and complexity.

Reviews of The Here and There Shop

Well reviewed, HereandThereShop has more than 800 reviews with a perfect rating.

Whether it was designed for a wedding or for another special event, people loved the framing, careful attention to detail, and overall quality of the maps produced. Offering an incredible look, feel, and quality, the maps represent a customized and unique element in homes and parties.

About the Owner of The Here and There Shop

With a love of travel and design, the owner is based out of Minnesota, US. Bringing together a wide range of interests and providing a service recognized in its beauty by hundreds of people, consider The Here & There Shop the next time you want a map made.

Follow on Instagram @hereandthereshop and check out Here and There Shop on Etsy!

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